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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Coolest Cat

Can you believe it? Can you believe he did it again?
Actually, we totally can.
Our boy Justin really must have wanted to remind people that he was the ace of the staff, because today he threw the best game of his life. A no-hitter, a near perfect game, 27 batters. And instead of pulling a Valverde and screaming and acting like a lunatic (like most normal people would do if they pitched a no-no) Justin just gives a half-smile and a badass fist pump while his teammates go bananas.
MLB, take note: Justin Verlander is too cool for a no-hitter. A no-hitter. 
As loyal as most Tigers fans are, we don't deserve this guy. No one does. He has bestowed upon our ball club not one but two no-hitters all while being as cool as they come.
My only hope is that he keeps pitching well and gets the one award that's eluded him: the Cy Young. Only the most elite pitchers can pitch two no-no's, and now that Justin is in that category, it's time he gets all the recognition he deserves.
There's not much more to be said; this wasn't like Galarraga's game last year, where spectacular defense and horrific calls overshadowed the actual pitching. JV achieved this feat on his own(with help from Avila, who we foolishly doubted--our bad). Even the most key defensive play was turned by him. This was Justin's game, and this should remind us to thank the Baseball God's that this superstar is on our team.

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