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Monday, August 8, 2011

No Haters Allowed

Four games up in the Central. One of the best winning percentages we've had all year. Clutch, gritty wins with good pitching and hitting. Victor Martinez is going to be fine. With all of these good things, what could we possibly be annoyed about? Well, we'll tell you.

After witnessing one of the best catches we have ever seen on Saturday by one of our most exciting young players, the three of us have something we would like to get off our chests. And by something, we mean A Rant. Bear with us, please...

It's no secret that the three of us are big Austin Jackson fans. If you've read even a few of our blog posts, you know this to be true. So it is always a sure way to boil our blood when Tigers "fans" post comments about how A-Jax sucks or how he should have been traded to Seattle or how he should be in Triple-A.

Well to the Haters, we say: suck it.  This is why he's on our team. Not because he is a stellar hitter (yet). But because he is far and away the best defender the Tigers have, and the best center fielder we've seen wear the Old English D. Yes. Better than Curtis Granderson.

Does Jackson strike out too much? Hell yes. Is he doing somewhat poorly at the plate this year? Absolutely. Is it fair to compare him to Granderson, his predecessor? Of course. But before "Tiger Nation" makes him their whipping boy in the vein of Brandon Inge or Ryan Raburn, remember what he is capable of doing offensively (hitting .293 last year). Remember that he is only 24 years old. And most importantly, remember that his defense literally wins games for us.

So before you "loyal fans" out there start to type an uninformed, misspelled comment slamming A-Jax for not living up to your lofty expectations about what a 24 year old center fielder in his sophomore season should be doing, think about what he has done, and think about what he has the potential to do.

Also, just look at this. Someone this sexy can't be in Triple-A. Please. 

On a happier, less preachy note, the Tigers are still four games ahead of Cleveland as we head into a pivotal  three game series. We're dying to see Verlander/Jimenez--as in, we're dying to see Jimenez torched by American League bats again. Welcome to the Central, buddy.

Before we go we should mention one last thing: Megan and Laura are road-tripping to Tampa in a few weeks to watch our boys take on the rays. So exciting!!! Especially since we haven't been to many games this year. Expect a crazy recap afterwards. You know how ridiculous we can be...

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