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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Testing the Waters

Ok…so that sucked. Here we are, all decked out in Tigers gear, ready for an epic clash of pitching titans, hyperventilating as our boys took the field, and what happens? Rain delay in the middle of the second--conveniently after Raburn and Avila were blinded by the downpour and C.C. made them look like fools. At least Cal Ripken was on our side. Everyone else who works for TBS just can't get enough of those damn Yankees.

And have you checked the weather tomorrow? It's SUCKISH. It'll be a miracle if we play. And if we do, they better make sure we can actually play it this time, not half-ass start it and then be like, "Oh, just playin'! No game today! Sorry we put your best pitchers on the field and now they can't get out there until game freakin' three! LOLZ WERE STOOPID!!!"

Can you tell we're angry?

Actually, though, there is a bright side. First of all, did you see how nervous our team was? Cabrera was nervous. Inge was nervous. Verlander walked two batters, so he was a little nervous. The only one who seemed unfazed by this whole "playoff" business was the jaded Delmon Young. As he should be. But that could have been a good test run-get our boys out there, get them used to the atmosphere of Yankee Stadium, so on and so forth. Obviously this isn't good for Verlander at all, but at least they won't have Sabathia either. Plus, we love Verlander at Comerica. How can we possibly lose that one? And Doug Fister's starting tomorrow. Hellz yes.

The only thing that worries me is Scherzer at Yankee Stadium, which, if you haven't noticed, gives up home runs as often as TBS commentators bend over for Yankee players (sorry, inappropriate). What we mean by that is: this is NOT the best place for Mad Max to pitch.

Oh well. At least we didn't LOSE today! And Jim Leyland took the right attitude today when he said that he wasn't going to blow this out of proportion. Just take one game at a time. Hey, if we can win twelve straight with three Brad Penny starts thrown in the mix, we can win anything. Right?

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