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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Haters Gonna Hate

Trust In Them.
Photo Courtesy of the Detroit Free Press

At the Tigers' Spring Training this year there have been three big stories. The first is everything and anything that has to do with Prince Fielder. The second is Brandon Inge's supposed diva-like behavior, or lack thereof. The third and only really pertinent story (at least in our minds) is how well Miguel Cabrera can play third base.

This has been a hotly debated subject since the arrival of Prince to our team. At first, we didn't really care, because we got Prince freakin' Fielder. But now that we have had a month to calm ourselves down, it's probably best that we take a moment to wonder if this whole Miggy-at-First thing will really work.

The common consensus among NON-Tiger fans is that it can't, won't, will-not work. Cabrera is too big, to slow, too poor defensively, and hasn't played third in four years. Valid arguments. Except Cabrera has lost a lot of weight. He's been training since the end of last season to play third, and it's not like we have a Hanley Ramirez on our hands who isn't willing to move. Miggy wants to play third more than anyone.

Plus, people are making him out to be an atrocious defender. Sure, he's not exactly Gold Glove material, but he's not bad. He made thirteen errors last year at first. That's not good, but it's not consistently bad. He's not going to make vintage Brandon Inge-like acrobatic plays, but we really don't think he's going to be bad.

We also must not forget the man who is playing to Cabrera's left: the much ignored, unfairly maligned Juh-honny Peralta. He proved last year that, while he might not be on Asdrubal's level defensively, he is still pretty damn good. We think he will be more than ready to take on a bigger role defensively now that Inge isn't playing third.

Our defense isn't going to be good. It will be mediocre at best, which will not result in good things for Rick Porcello's ERA. But with our very, very good offense and our very, very good pitching staff (don't let anyone tell you otherwise) we should be alright. We should learn to trust more in our coaching staff and front office--in the span of a year they have brought us nothing but good things.

The doubters? Some have they're reasons, but others are just jealous haters. And haters gonna hate.

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