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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Recap from Rosie

After facing the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, our Beloveds are 5-1. Did you predict that?

I think it is safe to say that we have the potential to rock this year.  Despite the catastrophic what-the-f***-are-you-doing-Justin blow up that was the 9th inning the second game with the Rays, I'm so proud of our boys. They've really been making the world a better place for us Tiger fans recently. 

 Have a really hard day at work?  It's ok, the Tigers are on TV and they're winning. Have a hard exam at school?  It's fine, because the comedy duo that is Rod and Mario will put a smile on your face in two seconds flat.  Feeling like crap because your boyfriend broke up with you? It's cool gurl! As we speak there is a stunning shot of JV's perky baseball behind filling your screen.  His pitching is pretty wonderful too, I guess.  The Tigers have been the cure-all for every evil and there have only been five games.  That's right. Let that sink in.  We are only five games into the season.  

Think about what that means, folks. Even though JV hasn't gotten the wins, you just need to look at the stats. Opening day was a two-hitter.  It was a shame he couldn't get the W, but his pitches were masterful.  Wednesday was the same. He threw 83 pitches and allowed ONE HIT in eight innings.  It was sick.  It was nasty. It was freaking beautiful. We have a winning horse, and we know it, and everyone else know's it, and he's only just left the gate.  Isn't he supposed to have kind of a down month in April as well? 

Then there is Porcello.  He is not only a gorgeous specimen of man, but he looks like, this year, he'll be a gorgeous specimen of pitcher, too.  He allowed 2 runs in his 5 innings.  Not too shabby for the first time out.  AND SMYLY!  Besides some first inning shakiness, he did stellar in his Big League debut. He allowed only one run in his four innings, and the boys showed up to support him.  WELL DONE.  

Scherzer. Well. This is a happy, lighthearted post, and it's still early, so........well done bullpen! Glad to know you've got what it takes to save our starters when they implode.  But in all seriousness, we think Scherzer will right himself, and when Fister comes back, our starting lineup will definitely get those wins they so justly deserve.

Our hitters are stellar as well. AJax, Juh-honny, Brennan, Andy: they're ALL HITTING. Good ol' Lloyd is surely sleeping well at night, and he's a saint for what he did with Austin, who's playing out of his mind.  Everyone is contributing, and it seems like whenever we get one or two men on we are actually sending them HOME.  Our Big Three Hitters, Miggy, Prince, and Avila, seem to be having their own private home run derby that none of the opposing pitchers knew about.  It's kind of scary admitting it out loud, and I feel like a need a block of wood, or a tree, or an entire forest to knock on, but our team is looking scary good. It's really nice looking at the leader boards for the AL and seeing a player from the D on every one, if they aren't at the very top. if Our pitchers are pitching (nastily), our hitters are hitting (consistently), and the team chemistry and handshakes are alive and well.  We rule.  

It is really, really fun being a Tigers fan right now.  Do you think we can keep it up all season long?  I do. Sure well have our dips and trouble spots and (hopefully minor) injuries, but this shouldn't be too big of a problem. 

I think everyone is starting to realize that the Tigers are one of the strongest forces to be reckoned with. Other teams will try to rise to the occasion, but I believe our boys can make them fail.  It's time everyone realized that this powerhouse team is here to stay.

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