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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Race to Eight


This is it.

The Tigers are finally, finally tied with the White Sox for the division lead. After missed opportunities and frustrating near-wins, it's Time. There is no point in saying "If only…." anymore. Our boys must win more games in eight attempts than the White Sox, and there's nothing else to it.

Of course, it is reassuring to point out that if, God forbid, we are tied at the end of the season, Game 163 will be played in Detroit. Fabulous. The Tigers have been merciless to the White Sox at home, and what's more, Verlander would be pitching that game. While tying definitely would not be ideal (we really don't want heart problems this early in our lives) it would be better than, say, losing to Youkilis & Co.

Anibal Sanchez was brilliant last night. Justin Verlander was great the day before. The offense needs to pick up the pace. Last night's game could have been a blowout, but we only won 2-0. There has to be more run support if we are to win against freaking Kansas City and Minnesota. Those teams are pretty bad, but a mere one or two runs isn't gonna cut it.

We don't think it needs to be said that we're all nervous. We're nervous about what the White Sox are going to do. We're nervous about how we're going to play. We're even nervous to see how Miguel Cabrera will do in his Triple Crown race. But we have believed in this team since day one, and no matter how frustrating or emotionally draining this season has been, we're right in the thick of it. Our boys can still get where we've expected them to be since they signed Prince Fielder--the Playoffs.

The boys are in control of their own destiny now. Win, and they have a good chance to make it to where we all want them to be.

Eight games.

Can they do it?

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