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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bye-Bye Brinks Truck

The boss gone.  Whose walk-up song can we make fun of this year?!

An injured Delmon Young goes to Philadelphia

We all know that Delmon Young was a free agent at the end of last year, but now we finally know where he'll be playing!  The Phillies signed the portly DH to a one-year $750,000 contract.  However, if we were Phillies fans, now would not be the time we'd be poppin' bottles of dat Rosé.

The Phillies' General Manager Ruben Amaro has said that they signed Delmon Young so that he could play right field for the Phillies. Everyday.  Pardon our French, but what the f***?!  This kind of decision is too ridiculous for even Jim Leyland to consider. Delmon Young is no good at defense;  This is probably something to which even Delmon himself could admit. And he hasn't played right field in years...certainly not since he came to the Tigers. This makes the fact that the Phillies want him to play right field every single day for them simply unbelievable. It's so crazy, that we can hear the cries of despair from Phillies loyalists from around the nation as we type.

Perhaps Amaro sees something in Delmon that we Tigers fans did not.  It's true that he came alive for us the past couple of postseasons.  This postseason, Delmon was hitting when pretty much no one else was, and that was why he won MVP for the ALCS.  You can't be a talentless hack and get a 1.186 OPS in the ALCS at the same time.  Maybe the Phillies are hoping that Delmon hits like he did in the postseason all season for them. However, the chances of that happening are slim, especially since Demon might start the season for the Phillies on the Disabled List.

Despite the strangeness of this contract, we're happy that we don't have to deal with Delmon's bullshit anymore Delmon was signed somewhere else, and that he can continue playing the game he loves.  If he plays for the Phillies like he played for us, we'll enjoy seeing him on the road this year! Bye-bye Brinks truck! And good riddance!

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  1. Great blog, girls! I'm glad I stubbled accross it. Should be a great season for the Tigers.