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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In less than three days, our amazing, talented, badass, glorious team will be taking the field against the hated Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Are we excited? Extremely. Are we anxious? Yeah, kind of. Maybe not for opening day--Justin Verlander definitely seems like he's on a mission this year--but what about when Max Scherzer starts?

We are the world's biggest Scherzer fans, and his second-half performance last season made him one of the best pitchers in Major League ball. But his Spring Training starts have been troubling, to say the least. Giving up 11 runs on 9 hits to the Orioles is never, ever a good thing, especially on your last start before the regular season. Then again, it is Spring Training. It doesn't count. Scherzer was obviously not focused. So we hope know he will turn it around before his first start.

Anyway. Now that THAT concern is off our chests, we can get down to how freakishly excited we are for Opening Day. There is something special about this team. Perhaps it is because players are coming in with things to prove: Brennan Boesch isn't a one-hit wonder. Will Rhymes deserved to make it over Scott Sizemore. Austin Jackson won't fall into the dreaded sophomore slump. Justin Verlander is an Elite Pitcher.  Miguel Cabrera is the MVP.

It might sound kind of stupid to the non-baseball fan, getting so worked up about Opening Day. But we know better. It means so much more than people realize. It means boring weekdays will be fun again. It means the start of summer. It means we will once again be subject to Rod Allen-ridiculousness. It means a city comes together to root for their team. 

There are very, very few things that we like more than watching a Tigers game, especially when our team is good. There are so many reasons for us to get excited about Opening Day....and FSDetroit's April in the D, from which this blog owes its name!!!

Also, from a completely shallow, dumb-girl point of view, our team physically is pretty attractive this year. If that doesn't get all the ladies out there excited for this season, nothing will! (Kidding. Kind of).

...If you're STILL not pumped for the season, maybe this will help! In a few days Laura will be on The Knee Jerks, a podcast show co-hosted by none other than Greg from "Where Have You Gone, Johnny Grubb?" If you want to listen (duh, we know you do) go to www.sportsgeeksradio.com on Monday, April 4th at 7 pm. We can't wait!

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