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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Play-by-Play 6/24/12

Megan here!

So, after winning 4 series in a row, the Tigers lost two games in a row to Pittsburgh. The surprisingly second-best team in the NL central. Hopefully, we can avoid being swept by this team, so I don't weep into my computer while trying to finish this blog post.

This is going to be a looooong one, so follow me after the jump for the whole play by play!

Top 1st:
-First pitch to Austin Jackson is a single to left!  Hooray!
-Quentin Berry is the next up to bat.  I don't care what you all think, I love Q. He really electrified this team in their time of need and he's hitting really well.
-Cabrera lines out, but big whoop, I'm riding high right now!  One out.
-The boys are being really aggressive and swinging at a lot of first pitches. I approve.
-A good pitch by Pittsburgh's Correia causes Fielder to hit a dribbler to 2B. Two outs.
-Delmon is up to bat. He's swinging pretty aggressively as well. However, he grounds out to 3B and the inning is over.  The last three guys were pretty disappointing, but we have a two-run lead with -Verlander on the mound, so I'm not complaining. To the bottom of the first we go!

Bottom 1st:
-Impressive montage on Justin Verlander on FSD, which reminds us that the last time he was here, Justin one hit these suckers!
-Presley lays down a perfect bunt and the no-hitter is over.  Sigh.
-The second guy, Harrison, bunts as well!! WHAT?!  However, it was a pretty terrible bunt and Cabrera caught it in the air. Thank the Baseball Gods. One out.
-Verlander is pretty pissed his no-hitter is over. I can just tell. Presley barely got back on Verlander's pick-off move.
-A really well hit ball by McCutchen, but Berry catches it on the warning track. Phew!  Two outs.
-McGehee flies out to center and the inning is over. Three outs.
-I hope Verlander can get these fly balls under control!  The Pirates look like they're playing some pretty aggressive baseball too. No slugfests today, please.

Top 2nd:
-It's still feels so good to have Avila back.  Even if he is 0-6 in this series.  I just looking at his hairy face, and he's the best defensive catcher we have.
-Slow roller towards the third baseman, and Avila is out. One out.
-Jhonny Peralta up to bhat.
-Listening to Rod and Mario talk about Peralta's stats from this season vs. last season is soooo sad. 18 RBI this season versus 40 last season. That's just sad. Imagine if we had 22 more runs right now... we might be at the top of the central.
-Jhonny pops out. Fooey. Two out.
-Samara of Roar of the Tigers will like that Ryan Raburn is wearing the high sock look today! I like it too! Very old school.
-High socks can't help Ryan when he is struck out looking. Three out.

Bottom 2nd:
-Justin Verlander is a badass. He kicks butt in interleague play.
-Alvarez is out! Wheee!
-Verlander's pitches are looking more like themselves now. That slider is nasty.
-Apparently, Gerald Laird and Verlander fight like brothers, and Justin is a snipey little bitch!  The bus driver told Justin Verlander they were waiting on Gerald, and Justin said, "Why are we waiting on him? He's not playing today." Mean.  Mario can't believe that Justin even said anything.  I fear Justin Verlander on game days.  I saw him once, walking out of a hotel on a day he was pitching... his aura was... terrifying.
-"What's up, Gerald?" "Aww, just another day of being G-Money." HARF.
-And while I peeing my pants over all that, three outs for Justin Verlander! Yay!

Top 3rd:
-Justin up to bat. We can pretty much assume that's an out. 0 -23! G-Money is heckling him!!! HAHAHA they really love to hate each other.  One out.
-What the hell was that?  Austin Jackon hit the ball to SS and Barnes just threw the ball into the dirt! Literally into the dirt. He just spiked it into the dirt. That was really really really awkward. This game has been so amusing. Haha!
-Quentin is up to bat. Pittsburgh has only caught 4/56 base runners stealing. That means Austin will probably be running.
-Good throw from the catcher and Austin is thrown out! Poop!  Two outs.
-Berry walks though! He'll probably be running too.  Cabrera up to bat.
-Bouncing grounder makes it past the second baseman. Cabrera to 1B and Berry to 2B!
-Casey McGehee makes a great play at 1st to end the inning. Sorry Prince.

Bottom 3rd:
-Damn, McKenry beats Cabrera's throw from 3B and he's safe at 1st.
-A nice sacrifice bunt from Carreia.  McKenry moves to 2B.
-Presley popped up. Two outs.
-Verlander makes this play-by-play sooo boring.  He just gets people out, like it's nothing. Sigh. I'm not complaining though. I like winning.
-Harrison up to bat. Pops up. Three outs. Inning over.

Top 4th:
-I kind of want the story of this game to be "Justin Verlander's First Big League Hit is Home Run." Or some such thing. I would like to see his first hit.  Apparently he's got the power!
-Delmon does something stupid and he's out. One out.
-Avila hits a slow chopper to 2B and HE'S out. Two out.
-This inning is going by too quickly.
-DAMMIT!  Peralta just hit a ball 399 feet and he was out. Thanks a lot McCutchen. Three out.
-Reeeeallly quick inning. I am not amused.

Bottom 4th:
-Bye-Bye McCutchen! One out.
-I'm glad that we're getting McCutchen out right now because he is HAWT right now.
-Someone in Pittsburgh has a vuvuzela. How obnoxious.
-McGehee is going to get tossed. He's upset about balls and strikes. Just chill. Hurdle GETS TOSSED! Jesus chill out! That's wrong. He was just protecting his player. This isn't the imperfect perfect game... it's just balls and strikes. CHILL. Two outs.
-He totally went too.
-Alvarez flies out to left. Three outs. It's a kind of exciting 1-2-3 inning for Justin! Hip Hip Hooray!

Top 5th:
-Ryan Raburn base hit! Just a little blooper to center.
-He's trying to bunt, which is good because he has 8 sacrifices. Two strikes now though, so no more bunting for JV. Oh wait. He still is!
-Good sacrifice for Justin! Ryan to second.
-Austin Jackson strikes out. He has to be imperfect sometime I guess. Two outs.
-Baby Berry up to bat. I love him. He's moving to Detroit! I hope he keeps this up, so he doesn't have to go back to Toledo.
-Berry caught looking. All of Justin's hard work for naught!  Left a man stranded on second in Ryan Raburn. Sigh.

Bottom 5th:
-Super quickly, it's a grounder to the short stop. One out.
-Clint Barmes up. This is an annoyingly long at-bat. GET OUT ALREADY. Grounds to short. Two outs. Heeheeheeheehee!
-8 in a row Verlander!  Mike McKenry up to bat.
-Got him looking! 9 in a row for Justin! His breaking pitches are phenomenal. Sick. Nasty. Dirty.

Top 6th:
-Damnit! Miguel flies out to Presley at the warning track in left field. That's two near home runs! One out.
-Pittsburgh respects Prince. He used to play in the same division as them, and they know his power.
-Prince grounds out. Two outs.
-Delmon is up to bat. Single to right! Still two out, but good for you Delmon!
-LEZ GO AVILA!  Get a hit please.
-Avila grounds out... really easy play. Three outs. Sigh. Is ALL the action in this game over already?

Bottom 6th:
-Carreia is out! Hooray!
-WHAT? Justin walked Presley! What's going on? Apocalypse.
-Flies out... two out.
-Some nice dubstep is playing in Pittsburgh. Ha.
-McCutchen up to bat. He scares me for some reason. He's been hot in June, and he's a really athletic player. Plus he's hitting .300 against us this year. Let's go JV!
-He may be amazing, but he's not more amazing than JV! McCutchen strikes out and that four Ks for Justin. Simply incredible.

Top 7th:
-And the Tigers are up to bat again. Jhonny grounds out to the shortstop. One out.
-Raburn up to bat! Come on buddy. I really just want some crazy hits to happen right now.  Plus honestly, I don't even know if Raburn is hitting his weight at .170.
-Grounds out to shortstop. Barmes is getting a lot of action today. Two outs.
-Yeah, just thought I'd add that Ryan weighs 185, so he's NOT hitting his weight!
-DAMN! Justin hit the ball but it was caught in right field. I think that JV and Gerald must have a bet, because G-Money is being so mean right now. Jesus. Three outs.
-And to the bottom of the seventh we go. This game has been BORING for the last few innings, but at least we're winning?  I wish this was a more exciting play-by-play for y'all, to be honest.


Bottom 7th:
-Berry makes a nice catch in right field to save what would have been a double if Boesch was out there.  Quentin is a star. He wants a starting spot and he's on his way to getting it! One out.
-Alvarez is up to bat.  A nice sharp hit to center field for Alvarez, and he's on first base. That's the first hit since the third. The poor Pirates fans watching this game must be booooooored.
-SHIT!!! NEVER MIND. Jones just hit a home run, and the game is tied. SHIT SHIT SHITTY SHIT. Tigers: 2, Pirates: 2. This is my fault. I totally jinxed him. Justin was dominating. This sucks! Nooooooooooooo.... stay calm Justin. Get these two guys out, and hopefully we can get some runs for you.
-Shit. Another line drive to left, and Barmes is on first. Let's turn two. Come on! Nevermind. I take it back. I hate excitement. Let's win this pleaseeeee. Let's not get swept.
-And we turn the double-play. Excellent. Three outs.
-I personally apoligize to all Tigers fans for jinxing JV there. My fault. I'm so sorry.

Top 8th:
-AJ quickly flies out to right field. One out. Sigh...
-Quentin Berry walks! Oooooh Resop you did NAWT want to do that. Now you got Cabrera and Prince, sucka! BOOYAH!
-I'm so tense right now, y'all. Let's win this Tigers!
-Cabrera is workin' that pitch count!  He's a baller. He's clutch. I BELIEEEEEEEVE!
-Swing and a miss for Cabrera...Quentin to 2B though. Two outs.
-And they're walking Prince Fielder... that's a smart move, Pittsburgh. I respect that decision. Delmon is the next one up to bat. MAKE 'EM PAY DELMON!
-BASE HIT TO RIGHT!! BERRY SCORES!!!! Fielder acts like a FOOL and gets himself tagged out, but I DON'T CARE BECAUSE WE ARE WINNING AGAIN, and Justin can still get dat W. Tigers: 3, Pirates: 2.Three outs.

Bottom 8th:
-JV on a mission.
-Tabata is gone on a beautiful 97 mph pitch. See yuh. One out.
-I'm getting a little pumped up now. Can ya tell?
-Here comes Presley. Don't try to bunt! You're not gonna get lucky twice!!
-Get 'im Justin!  Full count.
-Bouncing ball to Danny Worth. And he's out!!! YEAH JUSTIN! Two outs.
-I'm way too excited considering this is only the 8th inning. We've got one more to go!
-YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! RABURN MAKES THE CATCH! Basically into the stands to make the final out. Justin is very relieved, needless to say.  Thank you Raburn. Sorry I'm mean to you sometimes.

Top 9th:
-Here we go. Last Inning. Come on Tigs.
-You can hear Tigers chants in the crowd! Wow!
-Avila up to bat... come on Avila! One hit in this series would make me happy, and I want to see Justin up to bat again!
-Strike out. There goes Avila. I love you, Avi, but you need to start hitting, dude. One out.
-Slow roller to Alvarez, and he throws a laser to first base. Bye-bye Jhonny. Two out.
-Come on Ryan! It's 3-1 on him, and I want Verlander to get his first hit! This is his LAST CHANCE THIS SEASON, RYAN! COME ON!
-Well, I'm very disappointed in you Ryan. But a JV complete game is something cool to see regardless! Let's go Justin! Three outs.

To the bottom of the ninth we go!

Bottom 9th:
-Yeaaahhhh buddy. Here we go.
-And it's the heart of the Pittsburgh line-up. It's gonna be an exciting inning. But I'd rather it be boring, and have us just pull it out!
-McCutchen, Sir ScaryPants, is up to bat. Immediately the count is 2-0. Come on JV!
-OHHHHHH THANK GOD. Berry catches McCutchen's fly ball at the edge of the warning track. One out.
-McGehee is up to bat.
-AND GOT HIM! Strike three on McGehee. Two outs! ONE MORE JUSTIN! ONE MORE!
-Justin is the master. He is so amazing everybody. We're so spoiled with him.
-Pittsburgh's last hope, and it's Alvarez.
-One more strike Justin!

Final: Tigers: 3, Pirates: 2.

Pretty good day, even if it was a little slow in the middle. Justin is dominant and our little QBerry has his first Big League home run! The Tigs avoid the sweep, and now we're off to Texas! (Oh, lord.)
Let's get it!

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