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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Race to .500

Mediocrity. Nothing that anyone really wants to say they strive for. And yet, that's what our boys are doing: and we can actually say we're kind of excited about it.

We can actually, finally say this: our team is looking better. We're not there yet, but by George we're getting there. True, it seems like every time we take two steps forward we also takes  two steps back, and we're not anywhere near our full potential, but we look better.

Sure, taking 1-of-3 from both Pittsburg and Texas wasn't ideal, but after winning four consecutive series we can allow for a little wiggle room. Look at the shit we're pulling against Tampa! One day after The Verlander "struggled", Rick Porcello out-duels David Freaking Price and throws one of the best games of his career and gave up only 4 hits.

As far as position players go, Austin Jackson is looking more and more like an All-Star every day as he distances himself further and further from Austin Jackson, Strikeout King from last season. Miguel Cabrera is an absolute boss, which is nothing new, but he is only furthering his boss-status with his latest efforts. Prince Fielder is his super-slugging compatriot, the Robin to Miguel's Batman, and the two of them are only just beginning to fully click.

So maybe a race to mediocrity isn't exactly something to be proud of. And even though this whole season has taken a series of unexpected twists and turns, we expect our boys to emerge from the upcoming all-star break refreshed, hungry, and ready to take back what is ours: the Division.

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