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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back on Track. Ish.

Ok, ok. We know we haven't written anything in a while, and we're sorry, but we have our reasons. One was that we were on a (much needed) vacation in Michigan, of all places. And what did we do during that restful week?

Well, we went to Tigers games. Two very good ones, in which we watched Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello completely handle the Chicago White Sox. This was after a 3 of 4 game winning series against the Angels, and obviously our boys went on to sweep the dreaded Sox and reclaim 1st place. The Tigers looked absolutely unstoppable.

But not for long.

Then we went to Cleveland. Ah, Cleveland, the place and the team that have given the Tigers so much trouble. Can we just ask: why??? Cleveland has fallen back to earth after a surprisingly decent first half to the season, but yet our boys still struggle. Only taking 1 of 3 from the Tribe is not acceptable, especially since the games we lost were both in our grasp (we basically had it won in Verlander's case on Thursday). And then of course we also struggled against Toronto on Friday, dropping the first game there.

So what's up? Obviously it would be hard to expect our team, as good as they are, to sweep every series. And we still expect them to win the division--being 1.5 games behind Chicago isn't insurmountable at all. But we are expecting more, and we rightfully should. We have been given a taste of what these guys are capable of, and now we expect--and deserve--nothing less than their best.

So while our boys are almost back to the glory that we were promised, they still have a little ways to go yet. And that's ok--we'll wait around for them. And to all you bandwagon phony fans out there, who are suddenly diehard just because our boys are winning now? We know who you are. And all you naysayers who are still out there? Just watch. This division WILL be ours. There are still just a few more kinks our boys need to work out.

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