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Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy, Happy! (Happy?) Happy.

Now, in the midst of all this trouble and despair (see post below) you might think that even thinking about the Tigers might make us feel miserable and melancholy.  Not so! There is (almost) always something happy/fun/amusing going on in the Tigers organization, and there is one person in particular who pretty much EVERY DAY puts a smile on our faces.  THIS is that person:
courtesy willrhymes.com

Will Rhymes, aka Mighty Mouse (thank you Rod Allen) is a God-send to Tigers fans like us because he is CONSTANTLY updating his twitter/website with pictures, quotes, and general Detroit Tigers information to keep us bored-out-of-our-minds-during-the-offseason fans entertained.  SO, in his honor, we have decided to start a segment dedicated to the tiniest Tiger's little twitter adventures.  

Let's see what Mighty Mouse has been up to, shall we?



Red Wings are good, fun to watch. Detroit fans outnumbered tampa fans. Further proving Detroit has the best fans.

Well, thank you Mr. Rhymes!!  For saying we are the best fans ever! And isn't he just Mr. Detroit, going over to watch the Red Wings!
See?!  You're happier already! But that's not all ... Mighty Mouse has a whole website dedicated to himself and to his glory (and to "reaching out" to the Detroit Community).  Go over and check it out.  Really. Do it.  Also go stalk his twitter for little pictures of Tigers stuff.  And why don't you just follow him if you have a twitter, so you ALWAYS KNOW what he and the Tigers are up to!

Also, to make you all feel better:

We still love you, Tigers!

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