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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sound Off!


So a few days ago we reported that FSDetroit was about to announce their semifinalists for their much-anticipated April in the D theme song contest. Well, just a day later they revealed their choices for the 10 semifinalists, and we as the constituency must vote for our desired top 3 finalists. You can check out the semifinalists in all of their glory here, and as an added bonus you can read our heartfelt critiques below! We don't claim to be music critics here at April in the D, but we do know what we personally would like to hear every inning during the month of April. We know it has nothing to do with the game of baseball, but...just deal with it! Join us after the jump!

1) B-Dab-
You might be surprised to hear this, but compared to some of the other semifinalists, B-Dab, as they are inexplicably named, doesn't have the worst entry in the competition. We know, a song that starts out with the lyrics "Now our fists are pumpin'" hardly deserves the honor of being listened to (please fist pumpin to the Jersey Shore, aka Rick Porcello's homeland) but it gets better as it goes. Plus, we really like that girl's hat!
Overall Score: 6/10

2) Buck-E System-
Buck-E System? What the hell? Who is naming these bands?!...Anyway, the song starts off with a much skinnier Miguel Cabrera lookalike spouting off some mad props for his band. Wow, like that's not overplayed. But it gets worse! Some guy who looks like a gothic lesbian starts hissing into the mike about how the "Old English D/ is tattooed on me". Since these guys can barely get the chorus above a whisper, we think its time to move on. However, after a second listen, it definitely grew on us.
Overall Score: 5/10

3) Silas "Undertaker" Brown
Based on the name, right away we know this is gonna be a rapper, which will really just thrill all the grandparents watching. This has potential! Instead of a music video of Silas rapping, however, we get a sketchy montage of Detroit landmarks, a few Detroit athletes, and the rest clips of other random people. And football. Hello? April in the D does not include football! Um, duh. Still, nice beat! The verses Silas spits are actually pretty fun.
Overall Score: 8/10

4) Johnny Icon
All right, Johnny! Delivering a good song and spelling Johnny right (take note, Peralta). I'm not sure if Johnny is the lead singer or the name of the band or what, but it's a good song and a good music video too. Not a head-banger, but it invokes that same happy, I-love-Michigan-summers feeling as, say, Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" did. Plus these guys seem really nice, like their just a bunch of 9-to-5 good 'ol boys who love drinkin' beer and watching a ballgame. Could be catchier, though. We may not be "fist pumpin'" but we ARE looking for a really fun song.
Overall Score: 7/10

5) Mary Laraway
Ok, Mary, we see you! We were really a little apprehensive before clicking on what looked to be a suburban soccer mom sing about how much she looooooves April in the D. Turns out, it was a suburban soccer mom singing about how much she looooooves April in the D, and it was really catchy! The lyrics were a little tame, but enjoyable nonetheless.
Overall Score: 7/10

6) Johnny Lawrence
The music video opens with a white guy in a backwards baseball cap smoking a cigar. Um, okay. However, we found that we actually liked the song a lot! The chorus was really catchy and you can tell that Johnny (spelled the RIGHT WAY, Peralta!!!) really loves the D. Despite lines like "Doesn't matter if your a priest or jailbait" (?) this is a pretty good song that we wouldn't mind hearing.
Overall Score: 8/10

7) Don Middlebrook
See, this is the kind of April in the D theme that our grandfather would love. It's slow, throws out references to Tigers legends, and it's country. Unfortunately, it's a little boring for our tastes. Sorry, Don!
Overall Score: 6/10

8) Obliged
You know, we really liked this song. Its mellow beat and wanna-be-Beatles sound really chilled us out. However, this is not the kind of song we want to be representing the crazy exciting time of April in the D. This sounds more like August in the D. Actually, August in the D would also sound fast-paced and intense, since this is when those stupid Twins would be catching up/overtaking us. Screw them.
Overall Score: 7/10

9)Panic Trigger
This is what we're talking about! This song is loud, exciting, and catchy all at the same time. It might err a little to strongly on the rock side for some, but we really loved this song. It's kick-ass, just like we're going to be this season! The only issue is that "April in the D" is not easily sung. We know, it's a silly issue. But we're silly people.
Overall: 9/10

10) The Wannabees
No. No. But we liked their creativeness by putting their kids in the music video.
If this one somehow wins, we're going to have a problem.
Overall: 3/10

Obviously all these groups have more musical talent in their pinky nail than we do shared among the three of us. This is all done in good fun. With that being said, goooooo Panic Trigger!

Who do you think should win?

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