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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Crazy Team

Happy 1500th, Leyland!

Is there anything better than winning four straight games to pull into an even 7-7? Two games were walk-offs, one was a shutout, and the last was an extra-innings blowout? Without Miguel Cabrera, by the way, we wouldn't have won two of those games. That home run in the top of the ninth on Friday was incredibly clutch, but no one was surprised. Typical Cabrera. And maybe it's not the best thing that Valverde has more wins than four out of five of our starters, but it's not horrible. It's better than us getting a loss!

Even though it is fair to say that our offense could pick it up a little bit, it's always a good sign when your team is on a four game winning streak. This team is so fun to watch, and not only because of the late-game dramatics. Just look at the way the Tigers act around one another--they obviously have good chemistry. Not that chemistry always matters, but it is so fun/heartwarming to see Cabrera pick Brandon Inge up and squeeze him, or Scherzer and Inge laugh for no good reason, or Cabrera hug a pissed-off V-Mart, or Cabrera and AJax fist-bump. Cabrera gives a lot of love, actually.

It's even better to see the occasional sparks of brilliance from our team.  Crazy Phil Coke's 7-inning gem on Thursday, for example, or Al Albuquerque's two innings of kicking ass. Both Brennan Boesch and Ryan Raburn are delivering clutch late-inning hits, and Villerreal continues to succeed. (We'll ignore the bottom of the 10th, Brayan. It's not like it mattered!!)

So, while it would be nice to see this team control a game from the very beginning instead of making us have heart-attacks every game, a win is a win. And we're 7-7, only 2.5 games back from the hated Indians, with Verlander on the mound and Maggs back in the lineup on Saturday. This is going to be one crazy season...

PS--Who knew that Al-Al was so good looking?! Sorry, we had to throw that in there.

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