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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shiny Happy People

Happy Tiger!
Isn't life so much better when your team has a winning record? It's still way too early to count any team out of anything, but that doesn't stop people from getting carried away when their team plays well. I (Laura) had the misfortune dubious honor of spending Easter with diehard Cleveland Indian fans, and they were all going crazy that the Indians were at the top of the Central.
Now, I am as optimistic as anyone when it comes to my team, but these psychos were already talking about Grady and the gang going to the playoffs. Maybe it's due to the fact that Cleveland sports fans grasp at any signs of hope that they can, but their not-so-quiet desperation made me realize that having extreme optimism about a team is actually pretty fun. Let's look at the many, many positive points that our team has given us in the past few games.
  • We swept the hated, loathed, and evil White Sox. Enough said.
  • Austin Jackson is actually hitting again. Is it any surprise our offense was unstoppable in the Chicago series? When our lead-off guy is on, the whole team is on. It's important that our boy continues this trend, especially when we go to Cleveland to face the Indians.
  • Our apologies to Alex Avila. After unfairly jumping on the We-Hate-Alex bandwagon in the first freaking week of the season, he hit .545 against Chicago and his batting average now rests at .316. Holy crap. Will these sparkling numbers stay? No. But we predict he'll hit really well for the rest of the season.
  • Brad Penny comes out of nowhere to pitch like an ace. Excuse me? Now that we know what Mr. Karina Smirnoff is capable off, hopefully he can do it all the time. Max Scherzer, on the other hand, actually is an ace. He and Verlander are going to be a hell of a one-two punch, that much is for sure.
  • Brandon Inge drew an Easter egg on Casper Wells' leg. We don't know why this is so great, but it is. Maybe it's because Brandon is such a good artist. Or maybe, coupled with this photographic gem, it proves that Casper Wells is a precious precious addition to our team, if only for comedic value.
  • While it is true that the Cokehead needs to pick up his game, we're pretty sure that the Tigers are going to rebound from the loss to Seattle tonight. It is hard to beat King Felix.
  • That being said, we're going to take that comedic value superlative away from Casper for a minute. Ryan Raburn is on this team for comedic value. If you can't laugh at the now infamous punch-the-ball-over-the-wall play, you need to freaking try. Because it really is funny.
So while not everything is coming up roses for our team, things are starting to click. Why be negative when there is so much to be positive about?

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