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Friday, April 8, 2011

We're Coming Home


Can we just ignore yesterday's game vs Baltimore? After solid offensive games from Jackson, Cabrera, Boesch, Martinez, and Avila (!!!) Jim Leyland makes the worst managerial decision yet in putting Brad Thomas in a one-run game. Every Tigers fan watching knew we were in trouble then. But, whatever. Though we are only 2-4, we are a notoriously crappy road team and a very, very good home team. And guess where we are finally going?!?! The Promised Land: Comerica Park.

Since we are on this positive and exciting note, can we just say that we adore Brayan Villarreal here at April in the D? Sure, he gave up that one run to A-Rod. Rookie mistake. Since then he has been damn good. Who else loved his little celebration when he struck out the last batter in the 6th yesterday? And of course, there was the shopping adventure he had a few days ago (brilliantly portrayed over at Roar of the Tigers). This kid is a gem.

Before we go (Opening Day starts in 15 minutes!) we have to say that we would have torn apart the latest FSN ads with those skankalicious girls in them, but Jen at Old English D got there first. Well done, Jen! We couldn't have said it better ourselves. We may go on about how hot we think one of the guys on the Tigers is, but there is a line with objectification and FSN crossed it!

Now, enjoy Opening Day, everyone! Let's hope for our first series win...

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