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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rants and Raves on 6/29/11

We are sitting down to enjoy this Tigers game, and here are some thoughts that are running through our minds as we watch:

So by now obviously you have all heard about/seen Jim Leyland's epic charade meltdown. Two words for ya: HOT. MESS.  We are girls who love when a player (or manager) shows some character, and ol' Jim definitely did on Monday. Only increasing the hilarity was poor Andy Dirks, who looked like he was trying verrrrrryyyy hard not to giggle. He was doing a lot better than Rod & Mario, though, as they sounded as if they were going to wet themselves.  It was all kinds of awesome, and the Tigers ended up winning, so no harm done. In our opinion, Leyland's stock in Badassery increased significantly.

Rick Porcello, however, is a different story. He was still a Hot Mess, but a different kind. Not a good kind. We don't know what is going on with him lately, but he played like crap yesterday. Actually, Daniel Schlereth was worse, giving up two (!!!!!!!) grand slams. Who does that? Not all eight of those runs were on him, but still, thats pretty freaking terrible. Meanwhile, Porcello's average ballooned to 5.06. It seemed like only a few weeks ago it was in the sub 4.00 range.

The Mets, meanwhile, are not hot messes. They are just plain hot, ad we're not just talking about their looks. Right now we're watching the game and the Mets have already posted a 4-spot in the first inning. Look. Jose Reyes is spectacular, but no one else on that offense is. How are we supposed to win when our starting pitching isn't even giving us a chance?? Obviously the game isn't over yet, but Sweet Jesus, it's not looking good.

One thing is for sure: the Mets are an insatiable team. Putting up 14 runs last night wasn't enough for them, apparently. Greedy bitches.

This is such a gloomy post, we thought we'd offer A Ray of Light: Magglio is playing well. We have to be honest, we were divided in our household as to whether it was a good thing that he was coming back. Well, we can happily say that we think he will continue to be an offensive asset. However, he does have the worst luck we've ever seen, as opposing teams' defense continuously make amazing plays against him. Like Jason Bay just did. CRAP.

Let's just hope our boys can pull of a miracle here. It doesn't look great, and technically we shouldn't be publishing this blog post before the game ends, but whatever, we don't care. Besides, this does not look like that fun of a game. Now that we said that, watch the Tigers put up 10 runs or something. We can only hope....

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