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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Ballad of Danny Worth

Picture by the Detroit News

Though it hurts us to say this, it must be said: Ryan Raburn should not be a full-time player. We at April in the D have been his biggest champions throughout the years, always bringing up his freak months where he hits over .400 and frequently bringing up his spectacular errors in the outfield fondly (falling through doors, dropping then kicking a ball, hitting a ball over the wall for a HR, etc.). But now it sickens us to see him starting almost everyday, bringing as much usefulness to the lineup as a pitcher (although pitchers can draw bases-loaded walks, right Rick Porcello?!?!). 

Also, if you're going to mention Ryan Raburn, you have to mention Don Kelly in the same breath. Why is he starting everyday? The bigger question: why is he batting second?! You may point out that with Inge on the DL, we have no other options. Well, people, we do. We have a man who could play for both Raburn and Kelly. Remember him? His name is danny worth. 

You may ask, why such a small text size for danny's name? Because a) Rod Allen never fails to point out how quiet danny is in the clubhouse, and b) Jim Leyland apparently doesn't know he exists. How come Mighty Mouse and Scott Sizemore got their chances to start at second base and danny didn't? Really, people? Ryan Raburn is not even a remotely good option anymore. He can't hit, and we obviously know he can't field. When danny worth has actually been given a chance to have some at-bats, he's hit .400 and has an OPS of .955. That's certainly better than anyone else has done in 20 at-bats, and no doubt he's hitting better than Ryan Raburn will anytime soon. 

We all know that when Inge comes up, danny will be packing his bags for Toledo. Why doesn't he get a decent chance? Does Leyland just not like him? Does he not see him as an everyday player? That's bullshit, in our opinion. Anything would be better than Raburn at this point, but it looks like time is winding down for poor, sweet danny. He never had a chance. 

Let's hope Crazy Phil Coke can shut down the Rockies tonight. It won't be fun to watch a game like last nights, unless we're the ones bringing the pain. The thought of the Indians alone in first again makes us ill.

One final note: You know how on SI.com they have that "Weekend Clicks" section or whatever where they have a hot woman of the week for no good reason? Well, we would like to have our own version of  Weekend Clicks, except with baseball players, for all you girls out there. It's called Player of the Week. They won't necessarily be from the Tigers, but this Player of the Week is none other than Austin Jackson! Take a peek. He was named one of the best-dressed people in Detroit a while back, and it shows. Work it, Austin. 

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