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Thursday, December 1, 2011

G-Money (and Others) in the D

Ca$h Monayyyy

He's baaaaaaaaaaack!!!

We think we speak for most Tiger fans that we weren't all torn up when Gerald Laird left Detroit last year. Sure, he was solid defensively, but he wasn't the best hitter and he had been known to start brawls. So needless to say, it wasn't with a heavy heart that we watched him go.

But now Rod and Mario can pull their favorite nickname out again, because G-Money is back in business behind the Tigers' plate. But he's not the other oldie-but-goodie coming back. Ramon Santiago has just inked a two-year deal with the Tigs, so he's returning as well.

Okay. Now, the G-Money deal? It's a good one-he knows the staff, he knows the organization, and he can play decent defense. He'll be a good backup to our ALL STAR SILVER SLUGGER STARTING CATHER Alex Avila (we love typing that). However, seeing Ryan Doumit go to the evil Twins organization makes us die a little inside. He was our dream backup catcher, but it appears that G-Money will suffice.

The other reason we love Laird back? Because we get to type G-Money all the time. Maybe we'll just shorten it to G-$$$. Sorry readers, after this post you'll probably never see us type out Gerald Laird's full name again.

But the Santiago deal? Uhhhhhhh. If he's playing backup, that's cool, but Ramon Santiago, as lovable a person as he apparently is, is not a long-term option at the second base position. Sure, he had a pretty hot end of the season. But lets not get crazy, Dave & Co. You just kept Santiago around because he's a clubhouse fave, right? We're still holding out for Martin Prado, right?

Speaking of which, Winter Meetings are coming up. That wily old fox Dombrowski always has something cray cray up his sleeve. If the interest in Prado, Mark Buehrle, Coco Crisp, Amaris Ramirez, and others are anywhere close to true, then we think these winter meetings are going to be very interesting. Very interesting indeed...

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