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Monday, December 5, 2011


So, a lot of you guys probably know about Bless You Boy's annual DIBS (Detroit Independent Baseball Scribes) Awards, celebrating a plethora of Tigers achievements throughout the season. Well, for some reason, they let the three of us join the fun this year, and we got to weigh in on who won the awards.

(There was also an opportunity for us to create our own categories. We had some ideas, but we didn't think our fellow bloggers--especially the male ones--would appreciate voting on the "Most Stunning Physique" award.)

Without further ado, here are the winners in their respective categories, with additional commentary on who we voted for and why!

Most Valuable Tiger
Winner: Justin Verlander
Our Choice: Justin Verlander

MVP, Cy Young Award Winner, Triple Crown champ--there is no other person who made more of an impact on not only our team, but the whole league. The obvious choice.

Best Rookie
Winner: Al Alburquerque
Our Choice: Al Alburquerque

Since Al Al's only competition was Andy "Run-Forest-Run" Dirks, this was another obvious choice. It should be mentioned that Al was quite the surprise this year, and we look forward to watching him become the next Joel Zumaya seeing him make hitters look like absolute fools next year.

Best Role Player
Winner: Ramon Santiago
Our Choice…Alex Avila (Ramon Santiago)

We make fun of people for acting like idiots, so we should just go ahead and laugh at ourselves right now. We misread the category and voted for Avila, but if we weren't so dumb we would have voted for Ramon. He is very solid defensively at both short and second, and while Some People (Read: Don Kelly) play more positions, that doesn't mean they play all those positions that well.

Best Moment
Winner: Austin Jackson Double-Play
Out Choice: ALDS Game 5 Win

There were so many great, unforgettable moments this season. Jackson's DP. Raburn and Cabrera's home runs to come back from 7 down against the White Sox. Verlander's no-hitter. But in the end, for us at least, there was never a moment where we were more proud of our team than when Valverde struck out A-Rod to beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Where everyone and their mother said we would lose. It was truly a team effort, and an exciting game we could watch over and over again.

Team Clown
Winner: Phil Coke
Our Choice: Phil Coke

Obviously there is no one else who could take this title away from insane Phil Coke. This is the man who, when we were at the ALCS, ran over to the tarp-covered field and literally started throwing water in the air (much to the delight of the two of us and the rest of the rain-soaked crowd). We love you Phil. Never change!

Best Hair
Winner: Alex Avila
Our Choice: Alex Avila

We're sure balding men everywhere, when not making fun of his ridiculously fast beard growth, are bemoaning the fact that they can't have as much hair as Avila. It's certainly entertaining for us to literally watch his five-o-clock shadow become noticeably darker by the end of a game!

Tiger's Organization Name of the Year
Winner: Doug Fister
Our Choice: Doug Fister

Ha. Hahahahaha. Poor Dougie. Let him take solace in knowing that he freaking rocks at throwing a baseball and makes millions. That should dull the pain.

Goofiest Moment
Winner: 3-way tie
Our Choice: Don Kelly igniting in flames

Justin Verlander should get a medal for that. Supposedly the real victim was supposed to be poor sweet Bumble Below, but since DK is loveably oblivious, he got hot-footed instead.

Best Victor Martinez
Winner: Senior
Our Choice: BOTH

Aw, come on, we know the answer is Victor Martinez Sr…but who can resist that face?!?! Too cute.

That was fun, kids. Now we go back to "studying for finals" when what we're really doing is obsessively checking Twitter for news on whats happening in the Winter Meetings. College Student


  1. I would have had zero problem voting for "Most Stunning Physique".

    1. FSD Girl Lauren
    2. Jose Valverde
    3. FSD Girl Allison

  2. We agree with one of those, and it's not #1 or #3...