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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dave Dombrowski is a Sly, Sly, Dog...

...and we LOVE it!

In case you have no Twitter, no Facebook, and you haven't checked the Tigers' homepage in a few days, Prince Fielder is coming to Detroit!

This was probably the best kept secret in all of baseball because it surprised literally everyone. According to the idiots at ESPN, Jim Leyland didn't even know about the deal.  All of a sudden, Detroit baseball is on the map.  The major sports news teams are all abuzz about how amazing we will be in the years to come. We have the pitching, we have the hitting, and now, with Prince, we have the power!  Apparently, he will hit behind Cabrera in the lineup, replacing poor, injured Victor, and Miggy and Prince will split first base and DH.

The best and worst part about this deal?  The length. The deal is for NINE years, and 214 million dollars.  This is excellent because Prince is a career .280 hitter, with an OPS of just under one.  He hits with a lot of power, and if he's hitting behind Cabrera in the lineup, then Cabby will get a lot of on bases.   Cabby/Prince could be the best one-two punch in the American League, if not all of baseball. The negative to this is that if Prince can't make the adjustment to the Tigers, we're saddled with a very expensive benchwarmer.  We think it's an excellent move, however.  The tigers get a great DH to replace Victor Martinez, and when Victor comes back, we will most likely have the best hitting lineup in baseball.

Another great thing about Prince Fielder is that he's the son of Cecil Fielder, who played in Detroit for seven years.  Prince spent a large part of his childhood in the Detroit, and was certainly at one point in his life a tigers fan.  Love of the organization might make his transition here easier.  We're expecting more dugout shenanigans and hopefully another large personality on the team.

What does all this mean for Detroit?  Only good things.  We have an amazing pitching staff inVerlander, Fister, Porcello, Scherzer, Valverde, Coke, and Aburquerque, and we have some of the best hitters in baseball in Cabrera, Peralta, Avila (and least for a catcher), and now Prince.  We also have three of the biggest stars in the game: Fielder, Cabrera, and Verlander.  This all will put Detroit on the map in terms of both skill and star power, and we might have more exposure on the nation networks. (We can dream, right?)

We have to tip our caps to Dave Dombrowski for orchestrating what was probably a last minute trade in response to Victor's ACL injury.  Bravo, Dave, and welcome home, Sweet Prince!

P.S.  We screamed for a full 30 seconds when we saw this, no joke.  WE HAVE PRINCE FIELDER, SUCKAS!

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