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Monday, January 16, 2012

Comings and Goings

Good news or bad news first?

In this long and lonely offseason, it's almost safe to say than any news is good news. Almost.

Joel Zumaya agreeing to terms with the Twins definitely isn't our idea of a fantastic situation. Who wants to see a once-adored member of the team go over to the Dark Side? And here we were, just starting to really pity the Twins for how bad they're going to be next year. Screw that. Sorry Joel, but we are never again praying for your return to glory.

So now the good news…Rick Porcello and Phil Coke have avoided arbitration and agreed to terms with the Tigers! This makes us very, very happy, seeing as we love Phil Coke's insanity and interesting hairstyles and Rick Porcello's physique and gorgeousness sinker.

Dressing Like A Boss

And for all who did not catch our main man Justin Verlander on Conan, it was a treat. He showed off his  fashion-forward blue and brown suit with some kick-ass brown shoes, and seemed funny and at ease. As he should be. If the man can throw two no-hitters, he can sure as hell go on a silly talk show for ten minutes. 

Some people out there in the blogging world and Twitterverse didn't like JV's attire, but we really did. Maybe we should start forgiving him for the Ed Hardy and overly-jelled hair.

The fact that a Cy Young and MVP winner can eat Taco Bell before every start not only makes us question our own dieting strategies, but it also makes us marvel at the strength of Justin's stomach. Who the hell can eat that much Taco Bell and not be embarrassingly sick the day after?!

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