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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bits and Giggles


Sorry we haven't been posting as much in recent days. We've been busy with work and stuff, but in the next few days we should be posting some special stuff in addition to our mid-season awards. Get excited, people.

For now, though, we just have a few observations. We're not the kind of "fans" who berate Jim Leyland mercilessly, call for Ryan Raburn's head on a daily basis, etc. But we do have a beef with Leyland about his lineup lately. Is he really putting the best players out there on a consistent basis? It kills us to see the lineup we have today: Santiago, Kelly, Raburn, Wells, and Dirks? I mean, everyone needs a day off once in a while, and Jackson has an owie, but really? No Magglio (who is playing MUCH more like the Maggs we know and love) and no Juh-honny? Bull. We know DK is Mr. Utility; in fact, all of our utility players are solid. We just don't buy into playing them all at once.

In more light-hearted, cheery news: JUH-HONNY IS AN ALL-STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. 3000 finally did something right (did anyone else see the ESPN anchors practically pee themselves with excitement talking about him today?!) by withdrawing from the game, and Ron Washington wins the Class Act of the Week award for taking Juh-honny over his own man. Stat-wise, it might have seen like a pretty clear-cut choice, but it's surprising what managers do sometimes. So, go Ron Washington. And go Juh-honny!

Did anyone else hear Rod and Mario be bitches last night and mock a poor fanny-pack-wearing Royals fan? Well, that wasn't the only immature act going on in the baseball broadcasting world last night.  We're sure by now many of you have seen this epic meltdown by the Red Sox announcers last night. Too, too funny. One can only imagine how Rod and Mario would react in the same situation. We see inane giggling from Rod as a possibility, with Mario desperately trying to control the situation. Classic.

Isn't it amazing that our team isn't actually going to lose a series for once? Could it be that our Beloveds will actually...gasp!...win a series?!? Let's hope Charlie (one name only) can help push us into the break with a bang.

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